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So we made it. 

It’s Dec 31. Well it’s technically Jan 1, but we’ll overlook it. 

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started blogging every day on this blog. It seems like forever ago, but it doesn’t seem like any time at all. 

There’s no point in me doing a recap post of 2012, because it’s all here. That’s the beauty of this. I have the whole year documented here now to look back over and appreciate. And this year on a certain day, I can check back to see what I was doing/feeling a year ago. 

And that’s the best feeling ever.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog now. If I’ll keep using it as a personal or if I’ll make it private and use it as an archive. I don’t know.

But I’m done with the post a day thing. 

2012 has been great. Goodbye for now :) 

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#dec 31

i went to jodie’s with gemma and we watched pitch perfect and the hunger games and gemma made cupcakes for the occasion and we got pizza too and it was perfect

i also forgot to blog again

woops x2

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#dec 30

i forgot to blog


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#dec 29

i got so much stuff done in work today and i felt great for it but then at like 6pm this headache just hit me from nowhere and i was like HOLY SHIT because it was the worst headache EVER i mean i wouldn’t wish it upon anyone omg 

apart from that my day was great 

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#dec 28

work was so quiet today and it was such a shock to the system after the hustle and bustle of the past month or two! it was such a lovely breather :) 

tonight i tinychatted with nora and suzey for a while and watched the end of titanic and a documentary about the japanese tsunami 

oh! i also went to the j1 shop today and i miss it so muuucccchhhhh!!!!

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#dec 27

second day off work and it was so lovely

i didn’t do anything apart from watch movies in my pjs and eat and cry over children’s movies

i bought myself a kindle tonight which kind of paid for itself because i sold my xbox to jodie and gareth 

today was a good day!


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#dec 26

santa was really good to me this year!!! i got looooaaadddsss of glee things and then a gift voucher to go zorbing and zip lining!!!!! :D 

other santa’s got me a chuggington dvd(!!!!!), nyc canvas, pjs, sweets, more glee things, a onesie, chocolates and lots of stocking fillers!!!!

i loved seeing the look on everyone’s faces when they opened my presents, especially because my mum cried over hers because she was so excited!!!

:D :D

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#dec 25

forgot to blog on christmas eve

don’t even care about it anymore

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#dec 24

today was surprisingly not as bas as yesterday! we have gift bags! the shop looks full! life is good! one more day of work until christmas! and my two days off!!!!



also nora opened two of her presents from me and i’m really happy because she’s happy

also i sent a picture to jodie that i wasn’t meant to send and wow i’m so annoyed at myself for that

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#dec 23




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#dec 21

wow today was so awful on so many levels

not gonna go into detail

not gonna dwell on it

end of the world tomorrow (Y)

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#dec 20

today was my day off work and i spent it getting christmas sorted out!

i went to ballymena this morning (after i slept in because i’m a cotton headed ninny muggins who forgot to set their alarm) and did the rest of my christmas shopping, then when i came home i spent the rest of the day/night wrapping them and skyping with andrea!!

it’s been a good day! 

it’s also my last day off until christmas day!!! ahhhh!!! christmas is so close!!!

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#dec 19

i got my first christmas presents today!!!

after work (average, non eventful) jodie and i went to mcdonalds to meet the boyd’s and we had dinner, and then we went to the boyd household and exchanged christmas gifts and it was so much fun!!!!

the boyd’s got me a bath bomb set, a terry’s chocolate orange and then this little ornament for the christmas tree that says janodie on it and jodie got one too and it’s AMAZING!!!

jodie was in her element because she got to hold and play with eli all night and i was in my element because i got to drink tea out of a glee mug while watching harry potter 

today was perfect

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#dec 18

i had a good day in work today, we got a huge delivery and i got a lot of it cleared so i felt really good about myself at the end of the day!

i was meant to be going to becca and david’s tonight with jodie, but the protests meant we couldn’t get there and jodie got stuck right in the middle of one 

so we’re going tomorrow night instead 


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#dec 17